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    Counter tutorial

    This simple tutorial will explain how to program a simple text-file counter.
    Creating a simple counter requires you do three things:

  • Open up a file and read current count value.
  • Add one to the current value.
  • Read and print the new value.
    So for the this tutorial, first create a file called sample.php and put a 0 in it as a default start point.
    Now the actual code for the counter:

    //tutorial for text-file based counter
    //opens file for reading and writing
    //reads in current value
    //increment count by 1
    //input new value
    //gets new value
    print "$getrecent";
    //print counter value

    The comments are provided below each line tell what the line above does.
    First the "$counthandle" variable opens up your sample.php file which you created for reading.
    The freads function reads whatever is in sample.php and stores it in $getcurrent. fclose() closes file handles. The $counthandle1 opens up the sample.php file for writing. We already incremented $getcurrent by one before hand so now we use fputs to write the new value over the old value we had. Finally, $counthandle2 opens the new sample.php and reads the new file and stores it in the $getrecent variables. The last line simple prints whatever is in $getrecent.
    A example is provided below:

    This tutorial has been viewed 6347 times.
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