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Kill Monster

Killmonster is the simplest browser based game possible. It simply lets users fight monsters in a 1-click battle. Monsters are created by the administrator and battles are weight by the user's skill points and the monster's skill points. New feature in 1.2 lets users fight each others. AN optional PM block is available here but it not included in default installation.

Kill Monster 3.0 Official Thread-- Coming Soon (Febuary 2007) - Triploc Studios Edition

Download Kill Monster 2.2 -- Version with turns

Download Kill Monster 2.0--(turnless version)

PM block

Try the game online

Want downloadable mods? Check out the Kill Monster Mod Thread

Having trouble or maybe thinking about a mod? Post a message in the Support Forums.

Important thread(if you want to make the game give gold per hour on basis of land instead of killing monsters). Kill Monster Cron thread.

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